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Сповідь і Причастя

Практичні поради

Протоієрей Андрій Дудченко

Сповідь і Причастя – найсерйозніша і найважливіша річ. Це те, заради чого варто приходити до храму. Сам Господь Ісус Христос Свою проповідь почав зі слів: «Покайтеся, бо наблизилося Царство Небесне». Він також говорив, що вічне життя матимуть лише ті, хто споживатиме Його плоть і питиме Його кров. Про те, як саме підготувати себе до цих великих Таїнств, щоб прийняти їх на зцілення душі й тіла, і будемо говорити у цій невеликій книзі.

Centennial Celebration Book
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA

Commemorative book published in 2018 for the Centenial Celebration of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. 



- history of the UOC of  USA

- pictures and history of all central organizations of the UOC of USA

- pictures and history of parishes of the UOC of  USA


Size: 8" x 8", 116 pages


Ідемо до Першої Сповіді і Святого Причастя
Oleksandr Voronin

“Voskresinnia” Publishing (Kensington), 1991
Ukrainian Language; Paperback; 36 pages


All the Fulness of God

Thomas Hopko

The essays collected in this book deal with a wide variety of subjects--God and man in Orthodox theological perspective, the Bible, ecumenism, the "Eastern Rite," children in the Church, the American religious mentality, witness and service in Christian life--but they all have the same theme. They witness to the conviction that human beings are made to be filled with all the fulness of God. They claim that divine fullness dwells bodily in Jesus Christ, and that this fulness may be found by God's creatures in the Church of Christ, "which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all" (Eph. 1:23). They therefore are about life in the Church, and about the life of the Church: God's own life given in abundance in Christ and the spirit as the life of the world.

Bartholomew: Apostle & Visionary
John Chryssavgis 
25 Years of Guiding the Christian East
Foreword by Pope Francis
Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2016 
Hardcover; 304 pages

Beauty and Unity in Creation: The Evolution of Life
Gayle E. Woloschak
Light & Life Publishing, 1996
Softcover; 139 pages 

Close to Home: One Orthodox Mother's Quest for Patience, Peace and Perseverance
Molly Sabourin


This book is for every young mother who's ever wished children came with an instruction manual; who's ever longed for just one quiet minute to finish a thought or utter a prayer; who's ever despaired of perfecting herself in time to become a good example for her children; who's ever wondered why "happily ever after" takes so darn much work. With courage, humor, and unflinching honesty, Molly Sabourin addresses all these frustrations and more offering not answers or solutions, but a new perspective, a pat on the shoulder, a reassuring "I've been there too, and there is hope." Those who share her "quest for patience, peace, and perseverance" will see themselves in these pages, laugh a little, cry a little, and close the book with new strength to continue the quest.


Conciliar Press, 2008.

Softcover; 192 pages 



Divine Energy: The Orthodox Path to Christian Victory
Jon E. Braun


There are millions of committed Christians in Protestant Churches who sincerely love God with all their hearts but who also have discovered that the Christian life is often...a battle against sin. They are frustrated because they aren't winning what they believe should be their share of those spiritual wars. In the depth of Orthodox theology and spirituality, new--actually, old--answers may be found.Beginning with an assessment of the battle all Christians have been called to fight, Fr. Jon turns to basic Orthodox theology regarding the Trinity, the Incarnation, etc. as the foundation for our struggle in this battle. Finally, he explains the tools, or weapons, we may use to fight the good fight such as prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and living a virtuous life. These tools have been used in and encouraged by the Church for 2000 years. 

Conciliar Press, 1995 
Paperback; 162 pages 

Історичний Шлях УАПЦ
Alexander Voronin


Історичний шлях УАПЦ

автор: Олександер Воронин

Укр. православне т-во св. Андрія Первозванного. - Кенсінґтон : Воскресіння, 1992. - 136 с. 


The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church throughout History

By: Alexander Voronin.

Published in 1992

Ukrainian language; Softcover; 136 pages 


Автокефалія Української Православної Церкви
Oleksandr Voronin


Олександер Воронин
Ukrainian Language; Staple-Bound Paperback; 64 pages
“Voskresinnia” Publishing (USA), 1990


Аn Outline History of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Ivan Wlasowsky


Volume I (The Baptism of Ukraine to the Union of Berestye)

Published by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA (So. Bound Brook, NJ), 1974

English Language, 312 pages


Volume II (XVII Century)

Published by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA (So. Bound Brook, NJ), 1979

English Language, 192 pages


Нарис Історії Української Православної Церкви
Ivan Wlasowsky


Ukrainian language,  2nd Edition (1990)

Published by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA (So. Bound Brook, NJ) 


Volume I  (XV - XVII centuries) / Частинa I (XV-XVII ст.)

Volume II (XVII century) / Частинa II (XVII ст.)

Volume III (XVIII - XX centuries) / Частинa III (XVIII - XX ст.)

Volume IV, part 1 (XX century)  / Частинa IV, н.1 (XX ст.)

Volume IV, part 2 (XX century) / Частина IV, н. 2 (XX ст.)


Пасхальне Поломництво
Єп. Василь ЛОСТЕН



Ukrainian language; Softcover; 73 pages


Початки Християнство в Україні
Із праць Івана Огієнка

Ukrainian language; Hardcover; Pocket-book size ; 128 pages
Published in Kyiv, Ukraine; 1993

Size: 4.5'' x 3''


Поширений катехизис православної церкви Христової


Митр. Михаїл (Федот Хороший)
Ukrainian Language; Paperback; 176 pages  
“Voskresinnia” Publishing (USA), 1992


Причини та витоки постання Московського Патріархату 1589 року
Deacon John Sydor


Cпроба історико-богословського аналізу — Монографія

Published by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv, Ukraine),  2015

Ukrainian Language; Hardcover; 416 pages


Святий Павло – Апостол Народів
Rev. Nicholas Fedorovich


Святий Павло – Апостол Народів

автор: о. Микола Федорович

Історичний Нарис, 1974 р. 


Saint Paul  - Apostle of the Nations

By: Rev. Nicholas Fedorovich

An Historical Essay, 1974


Ukrainian language; Softcover; 108 pages


Священна історія Нового Заповіту
о. Михайло Карачківський


“Voskresinnia” Publishing (Kensington), 1993
Ukrainian Language; Paperback; 120 pages


Українські Джерела Церковного Права
Alexander Lotocki

Ukrainian Sources of Ecclesiastical Law
Ukrainian Language; Paperback; 306 pages
St. Sophia Publishing House of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA (So. Bound Brook, NJ), 1984


Як Поводитися в Божому Храмі
Metropolitan Ilarion

Підручна книжка для Української молоді та для широкого громадянства
Published by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada (Winnipeg), 1955
Ukrainian Language; Staple-bound Paperback; 72 pages


Facing the World: Orthodox Christian Essays on Global Concerns
Archbishop Anastasios (Yannoulatos)
In this work, Archbishop Anastasios presents his conviction that the ecumenical vision of the Orthodox Church is the "best response" to the growing global condition. In the Orthodox tradition, everything is understood within a universal context, from the creation of the world to the vision of the new heaven and new earth.
St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press (2003)
Softcover; 208 pages

Foundations for Orthodox Christian Education
John Boojamra


Analyzes current Christian education practices and identifies the foundations of Orthodox Christian education.

Anyone attempting to engage in Christian education at any level of parish life should do so with the benefit of relatively new knowledge from developmental psychology and educational psychology, and should also have a broad understanding, rooted in Christan tradition, of the nature of the Christian life. Dr. Boojamra provides an analysis of current Christian education practices and identifies the foundations of Orthodox Christian education as community,family, and personhood. While other foundations could be identified, these provide a convenient point of departure both for further discussion and for effective action in the parish and home.


St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2003 
Paperback; 245 pages 

From Darkness to Light: How One Became a Christian in the Early Church

By Anne Field

What did new converts learn about the Faith in the early centuries of Christianity? The early Fathers of the Church theologians such as Chrysostom, Augustine, Ambrose, and others speak on these and other timeless topics. A priceless aid for any Christian who wishes to come to a deeper understanding of his or her own faith.

God and Man (Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh)

A penetrating discussion between "The Atheist and the Archbishop" - Anthony Bloom's famous television discussion with Marghanita Laski - on the essence of Christian faith and life opens this book of five selections. Summarizing the Christian life in terms of worship, joy, and the challenge to grow into a full stature, Metropolitan Anthony calls for a worshipful attitude to life. Paperback; 125 pages

God With Us: Critical Issues in Christian Life and Faith
John Breck 
St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2003
Softcover; 285 pages

Heaven on Earth: A Lutheran-Orthodox Odyssey
Robert Tobias, John West (Illustrator)


This anecdotal account of the author's experiences with Orthodox Christians, mostly in East Europe but also in North America, is intended as a suppliment to the scholarly reports of official dialogue between the two churches - Lutheran and Orthodox.  Robert Tobias writes, "With all the Vicissitudes of our past relationships, ... there has been an enduring fascination with each other and with our Lord's call to unity, which has drawn us again and again into dialogue and common cause in the world." The reader is invited, even enticed into joining the author in a journey, from rich experiences of encounter between Orthodox and Lutheran fellow Christians, to creative and sometimes surprising and amusing reflections about the meanings of those encounters.

Amer Lutheran Publicity Bureau, 1997.

Softcover; 128 pages 


Was $10 Now $7


I Thessalonians: A Commentary (Orthodox Biblical Studies)
Paul Nadim Tarazi


The First Epistle to the Thessalonians is the oldest of the writings which have been gathered into the New Testament. In reading it we can sense the powerful impact made by St Paul's preaching of the Gospel as well as the Apostle's continuing prayerful concern for this new mission church. We also discover St Paul's understanding of the Second Coming of Christ as he deals with the perennial question of "those who have fallen asleep." This important contribution to Orthodox biblical studies offers many helpful insights for all who wish to understand the Bible better, experts and novices alike. Its author, Fr Paul Tarazi, Assistant Professor of Old Testament at St Vladimir's Seminary, clearly demonstrates the importance of discovering what the scriptural text itself is saying.


St. Vladimir's Press, 1982.

Softcover; 190 pages 



If We Confess Our Sins


A practical guide to confession.


Kindling the Divine Spark: Teachings on How to Preserve Spiritual Zeal St. Theophan the Recluse
St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood (St. Xenia Skete), 1996
Softcover; 159 pages 

Longing For God: Orthodox Reflections on Bible, Ethics, and Liturgy
John Breck


Christians, as a second-century anonymous epistle notes, pass their days on earth, but are citizens of heaven. In this companion volume to God with Us: Critical Issues in Christian Life and Faith, Fr John Breck continues his exploration of the ethical and moral dilemmas facing believers who live in the flesh but not for the flesh. His reflections, among others, include: Are the Stories of Jesus Birth True? Why Read the Church Fathers? Maggie, Terri, and the Problem of Life- Support Hurricanes and Hummingbirds Poker, R.I.P. The Gift of Silence Prayer in the Spirit What They Didn t Teach Me in Seminary Church Billboard Slogans. Throughout the book, a holy eros, a longing for God, intersects the mundane and transfigures the ordinary, directing our gaze toward the Love we long to know beyond all else. Fr John refracts common perceptions media messages, politically charged issues, and even religious suppositions through a lens that takes account of the crucified and risen Lord.


St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2006.

Paperback; 256 pages


Making God Real in the Orthodox Christian Home
Anthony M. Coniaris 
Light & Life Publishing, 1977 
Softcover; 250 pages 

Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkiwksy Letters (1933-1937)


Ukrainian Language; Paperback; 160 pages
Published by the Ukrainske Pravoslavne Bratstvo im. Mytr. Vasylia Lypkivs’koho (USA), 1980


More Spirited Than Lions: Orthodox Response to Feminism and a Practical Guide to the Spiritual Life of Women
Sarah Cowie


Orthodoxy is considered to be "the best kept secret in America." It is the fastest-growing church in the United States. The beauty of Her services, the longevity of Her Tradition, Her position as the original Church, founded by our Lord Jesus Christ, are all highly attractive to world-weary Westerners looking for depth and spiritual validity. And yet this very Church now finds herself in a similar position in regards to feminism as the Catholic and Episcopalian churches once were. Inroads have already been made concerning liturgical language while dialogue is being encouraged regarding "women's role in the church, " especially in the question of women's ordination.How the Church answers this challenge, the decisions that will be made on all levels -- personal, parish, diocese, national and international -- will effect the life of the Church, spiritually and practically, for generations to come.


Regina Orthodox Press, 2001.
Softcover; 301 pages

New and Old in God's Revelation: Studies in Relations Between Spirit and Tradition in the Bible
Benedict Englezakis


How deeply is new revelation rooted in and bound by old revelation, and how far does the old determine or contain the newness of the new? How does the new grow old, how is the old renewed, and what is the pattern - if any - of this process? In this study of the similarities and, equally important, the differences between older and more novel revelation in the Bible, Englezakis analyses these questions and indicates some of the ways in which answers may be found. A wide-ranging study which combines much original thought and sound scholarship with a deep spirituality, New and Old in God's Revelation reflects one of the rare encounters of western biblical scholarship with eastern Christianity.

A synthesis of doctrine, spirituality and biblical scholarship applied to the similarities and differences between old and new revelation in the Bible.


James Clarke Company, 2002

Hardcover, 122 pages 



On The Holy Spirit
St. Basil the Great


St Basil the Great wrote his treatise On the Holy Spirit during the closing phase of the Trinitarian controversies of the fourth century. The Arians had previously denied the full divinity of the Son and the debate then turned to the Holy Spirit. In this work, without explicitly calling the Spirit 'God,' St Basil demonstrates that He, like the Son, is of one and the same nature with the Father, and that equal honor and worship therefore are due Him. This classic exposition of Trinitarian doctrine eloquently sets forth the distinction yet perpetual communion and conjunction of the divine Persons. At the same time it deals with the nature of theological language and with the theological significance of the Church's tradition of worship and proclamation. Its message, though specifically addressed to the fourth century, speaks to all ages. On the Holy Spirit is part of the POPULAR PATRISTIC SERIES.


Translated by David Anderson 

St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1980.

Softcover; 118 pages 


One Thousand Years
Father Deacon Mikhail Sawarynski


A Brief History of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church


St. Sophia Seminary Press, 2004.

Softcover; 66 pages 


Was $14 Now $10


Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future
Fr. Seraphim Rose 
St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, 1999 
Softcover; 235 pages

Restoring the Unity in Faith
Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox, Edited by Thomas Fitzgerald


Since the fifth century, the Christian East has been divided over the theological description of the reality of Jesus Christ. For the past five decades, the two families of churches, Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox, have been cooperating to restore unity in the faith. Church leaders, theologians, and lay people are working to bridge the gaps in language, tradition, and doctrine that contributed to the ancient division.


Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2008

Softcover; 108 pages 



Sermons on the Major Holy Days of the Orthodox Church
Anthony M. Coniaris 
In almost every major celebration in the Church, there is usually a sermon, but do we understand what God is saying to us through them? In this book, there are twenty-six masterful sermons of major holy days of the Orthodox Church year.
Light & Life Publishing, 1978
Softcover; 175 pages 

Service for the Reception of Converts


The service for the order of the reception of non-Orthodox Christians with explanatory instructions.


Published by The Orthodox Church in America, 1989.

Softcover; 12 pages 


Signs of Life; The Light and Hope of Christ Dawn in Africa (Vol. 1)


By Makarios Tellyrides, Metropolitan of Kenya and Irenoupolis 

Translated from the Greek by Fr. Peter A. Chamberas 


(Holy Cross Press, 2013)

The ABC’s of My Church
Ukrainian Orthodox League
Full color (staple-bound) booklet for boys and girls getting ready for First Holy Confession 
Published by the Ukrainian Orthodox League of the USA (2003)

The ABC’s of My Church
Ukrainian Orthodox League
Full color (staple-bound) booklet for boys and girls about the Sacrament of Holy Confession 
Published by the Ukrainian Orthodox League of the USA (2003)

The Body of Christ
Fr. John Chryssavgis


A place of welcome for people with disabilities. This booklet is an important statement of our calling as members of the Church to care deeply for one another, to assist one another and to "carry each other burdens in order to fulfill the law of Christ" (Galatians 6:2).


Light & Life Publishing, 2002.

Softcover; 16 pages


The Epistle to the Romans: A Gospel for All

The apostle Paul lived within a swirl of controversy. False Christians- Judaizers- dogged his every step, slandering his motives, denying his apostolic authority, and seeking to overthrow his Gospel teaching. They argued their case loudly, and Paul knew that he must give the literary performance of his life. The result was the Epistle to the Romans, in which he demonstrates the truth of his Gospel- a Gospel for all men- and thereby vindicates his apostolic authority. About the Orthodox Bible Study Companion Series: This commentary was written for your grandmother and for your plumber. That is, it was written for the average layperson, for the nonprofessional who feels a bit intimidated by the presence of copious footnotes, long bibliographies, and all those other things which so enrich the lives of academics. Working from a literal translation of the original Greek, this commentary examines the text section by section, explaining its meaning in everyday language. Written from an Orthodox and patristic perspective, it maintains a balance between the devotional and the exegetical, feeding both the heart and the mind.

The First and Finest
Rev. Fr. Robert Holet


The First and Finest: Orthodox Christian Stewardship as Sacred Offering explores the rich biblical and historical themes of Christian stewardship from an Eastern Orthodox perspective, drawing insights from themes in the Old and New Testaments and ancient Christianity. The study of stewardship in Church history reveals how contemporary concepts of the 'religious economy' impact how and why Christians exercise stewardship today. The premise for this study - that Orthodox stewardship is centered in the priestly offering of Christ and His followers who comprise His Church - helps Christians today to differentiate the holy way of Christian offering from false or misguided concepts of stewardship and offers suggestions for ways in which church communities can rediscover the richness of these insights from the ancient, Orthodox tradition. This study is intended to challenge every reader to consider whether he or she offers his or her first and finest to the Lord, and encourages parishes to exercise stewardship as an act of divine worship in the service of God and the poor.


AuthorHouse, 2013.

Softcover; 204 pages 


The Jesus Prayer
By a Monk of the Eastern Church 
Foreword written by Bishop Kallistos Ware 
St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1997
Softcover; 120 pages

The Lament of Eve
Johanna Manley


If you learned to appreciate the Holy Fathers in The Bible and the Holy Fathers for Orthodox and in Grace for Grace: The Psalter and the Holy Fathers, you will want to read the Lament of Eve. This book offers a compunctionate Lament by our ancestress, Eve, directed to her progeny in her old age. The Lament is entirely based upon commentary by early Church Fathers on sections of the Book of Genesis, Chapters 1 through 5 (Septuagint). 


The Lament of Eve attempts an exegesis of sections of the first five chapters of Genesis based on commentary of the Fathers of the Church. Subjects covered include: the creation and dignity of men and women, theosis, stewardship of the earth, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the Fall, the sentence of mortality and God's love, providence and primacy in our lives. Appropriate for both elementary and advanced Bible studies, it also makes thoughtful reading during Great Lent. Includes index and bibliography.


Softcover; 154 pages 


Was $13 Now $10


The Message of the Sunday Gospel Readings, Vol. 1
Anthony M. Coniaris
Meditations on the words of Jesus as read in the Sunday Gospel lessons of the Orthodox Church from September through February.
Light & Life Publishing, 1982
Softcover; 152 pages

The Orthodox Pastor: A Guide to Pastoral Theology
Archbishop John Shahovskoy 
St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2008 
Softcover; 117 pages 

The Practical and Theological Chapters & The Three Theological Discourses

St. Symeon the New Theologian 

Cistercian Publications, 1994
Softcover; 146 pages 

The Rudder-Version 1.0
The Rudder is the most concise index and collection of Orthodox teachings available. It includes the Canons of the Holy Apostles, the Seven Ecumenical Synods, and many regional Synods, as well as the teachings of the Church Fathers, including Sts. Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, Gregory of Nyssa, John the Faster, and many more. 
CD/ROM—the entire Index in hyperlinked, making it effortless to reach any portion, find any synod, cannon or footnote in the entire edition of the Rudder. 

The Treasury of Orthodox Hymnology: Triodion: An Historical and Hymnographic Examination vol I
Savas J. Savas


Light and Life Publishing, 1983.

Softcover; 60 pages 


The Way of a Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way
New Sarov Press, 1997 
Softcover; 246 pages 

Thirty Steps to Heaven: The Ladder of Divine Ascent for All Walks of Life
Archimandrite Vassilios Papavassiliou


Many laypeople have attempted to read the great spiritual classic, The Ladder of Divine Ascent, but have been frustrated in attempting to apply the lessons of this monastic text to their everyday lives in the world. In Thirty Steps, Archimandrite Vassilios interprets the Ladder for the ordinary Christian without sacrificing any of its beauty and power. Now you too can accept the challenge offered by St. John Climacus to ascend closer to God with each passing day.


Softcover; 250 pages

Size: 5.5 X 8.5 in.


Treasures of the Holy Land: A Visit to the Places of Christian Origins
by Veselin and Lydia W. Kesich


This journey through the Holy Land with Veselin Kesich, professor emeritus of New Testament at St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, and his wife Lydia provides new insights and illumines the sites with historical and scriptural background information, thus providing the reader with a new understanding of the biblical narrative. The vivid descriptions focus on all levels of influence: Hellenistic, Roman, Jewish, early Christian, Byzantine, Muslim, and modern. Join the authors as they travel through Galilee and the cites of the Decapolis, visiting Caesarea Philippi, Capernaum, Tiberius and Nazareth; through the cities surrounding Jerusalem: Bethlehem, Gethsemane, Bethany; and into the Judean desert, to Masada, Qumran, and the desert monastery of Mar Saba. Illustrated with twenty exquisite line drawings and four maps.


St. Vladimir's Seminary Press,1997

Softcover; 112 pages 



Turning the Heart to God

One of the most profound works on repentance in all of Christendom. St. Theophan, a beloved Orthodox bishop from nineteenth-century Russia, speaks not only from a deep knowledge of the Church Fathers, but also from a lifetime of experience in turning his heart to God-and guiding others on this glorious Way that leads to our salvation. His writings are unique in that he combines centuries of Church wisdom with keen psychological insights for us today. Repentance is not a popular term here in the West, yet it is the cornerstone of the Lord's gospel, and the entrance into God's kingdom. Turning the Heart to God is a manual of true spiritual transformation in a world of often cheap grace . . . a classic book that has the power to change our lives, if we let it.

Starter Pack #1


Topical Series Booklets by Ancient Faith (Conciliar Press) 


Pack of 7 Includes: Practical Prayer, The Original Christian Gospel, Abortion: What does the Church Teach, Forgiveness & Reconciliation, No Graven Image, Tithing, Heavenly Worship  


Staple Bound Booklet (Dimensions: 4 X 6.5 inches)


Starter Pack #2


Topical Series Booklets by Ancient Faith (Conciliar Press) 


Pack of 5 Includes: Finishing the Race, Facing Up To Mary, Call No Man, Father, Dealing with Grief, What Orthodox Christians Believe  


Staple Bound Booklet (Dimensions: 4 X 6.5 inches)


A Guide to Spiritual Life (5-Pack)
Author: An Athonite Monk
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
A respected monk and spiritual father from Mount Athos describes the basics of Orthodox spirituality for the beginner or seeker. Written by a monastic for lay people, this helpful book also includes a suggested list of further reading.

Abortion: What Does the Church Teach (5-Pack)
Author: Amicus Curiae 
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Rarely has the contemporary Orthodox Church spoken with greater unanimity then in the eloquent Amicus Curiae brief presented to the Supreme Court in 1989. With authority and conviction, this document proclaims the unequivocal teaching of the Orthodox Church on the subject of abortion. This document clearly explains why the Church has condemned abortion, guarding the sanctity of all human life.

Building a Habit of Prayer (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. Marc Dunaway
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
More than just a prayer book, this booklet contains practical guidelines for the lay person on how to develop a workable “Rule of Prayer”. Learn how to build the habit of prayer in your life. 

Building an Orthodox Christian Home (5-Pack)
Author: Virginia Nieuwsma
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Is it possible to raise a Christian family in an increasingly post-Christian age? As a mother of six, author and editor Ginny Nieuwsma speaks from heartfelt experience as she tackles this difficult question. Written with warmth and humor, this booklet provides encouragement for parents who are struggling, and offers much needed advice along the way. Parents, take heart you are not alone! It is possible to build an Orthodox Christian home, even in this baffling day and age. This booklet is a great place to start.

Call No Man Father (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. J. Richard Ballew
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Jesus said, "Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven." Why, then, do millions of Christians refer to their earthly priests as "Father"? A clear answer to this question and the proper interpretation of Matthew 23:9.

Communion: A Family Affair (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. A. James Bernstein 
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
"Why can't I receive communion in the Orthodox Church?" This much-needed booklet is written to help explore this sensitive issue from the perspective of the historic Orthodox Faith and her understanding of doctrine, morality, worship, and obedience.

Confession: The Healing Sacrament (5-Pack)
Author: Jim Forest 
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Explores the reality of sin and discusses our need to accept its devastating results in our lives. Rather than trying to explain sin away or ignore it, we must confront it directly and repent of it through the Church's time-tested sacrament of confession. Concludes with some important tools for self-examination, using the Beatitudes as a touchstone for evaluation.

Dealing with Grief (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. Gordon T. Walker
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Warm pastoral advice on how to deal with grief, based on the author's personal experiences. Discusses the natural outworkings of the grief process for Christians and offers positive steps toward healing.

Entering God’s Kingdom (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. Peter Gilquist 
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
A clear and concise guide explaining the "how-tos" of becoming a Christian and the necessary steps involved in moving from commitment to new birth in Christ.

Facing Up to Mary (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. Peter Gilquist 
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Why is it important to honor Mary and call her "blessed"? This booklet will lay to rest much of the contemporary confusion concerning Mary, and will provide help for those seeking to understand her role in our lives.

Finding the New Testament Church (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. Jon E. Braun
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Traces the continuing history of the Church from New Testament times until today. Explains the underlying causes for the major divisions within Christianity, especially centering on the break between Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy in the eleventh century.

Forgiveness & Reconciliation (5-Pack)
Author: Hieromonk (now Metropolitan) Jonah 
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
What does it mean to truly forgive? Why is it so hard to forgive those closest to you? How do you forgive other people when they've hurt you, and how do you seek forgiveness and reconciliation when you have sinned against someone?

Give Thanks to God (5-Pack)
Author:  Fr. Peter Gillquist
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
A call for young adults to make a lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church. Reveals three lies Satan uses to keep us away from church, and three reasons to make church attendance a lifetime commitment. Read it and you'll THANK GOD you did!

Heavenly Worship (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. J. Richard Ballew
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
How is it possible to experience ultimate fulfillment in life? "Through true worship of the Holy Trinity," states the author. Discover how to worship God "in the Holy of Holies."

No Graven Image (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. Jack N. Sparks
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
An apologetic for icons and their proper use, written with a sympathetic eye towards those whose misunderstandings grow from a lack of information or unfamiliarity with Orthodox thought.

Orthodoxy: Jewish and Christian (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. A. James Bernstein
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
From the son of a Jewish rabbi living in Jerusalem to "Jews for Jesus" evangelical Christian to Orthodox priest. Meet Father James Bernstein and follow his search for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The Cross of Christ (5-Pack)
Author: Hieromonk (Metropolitan) Jonah 
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Why was it necessary for Christ to suffer and die on the Cross? Starting with the Middle Ages, many western theologians began to teach that Christ suffered to propitiate (appease) the wrath of an angry God. This juridical understanding of salvation is rejected by Orthodoxy.

The Original Christian Gospel (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. A. James Bernstein 
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
The original Christian Gospel of the infinite, saving love of God has been twisted over the centuries in the Western Church into various false, juridical theories of salvation. Fr. James Bernstein refutes these false theories and reveals the glory, truth, and saving power of the original Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tithing (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. J. Richard Ballew
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Beginning with the Old Testament history and origins of tithing, this booklet traces New Testament and early Church thought on the subject and offers an apologetic for the practice of tithing in the Orthodox Church today.

What About the Non-Orthodox (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. David Tillman
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Without apology, Orthodoxy proclaims itself to be the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ on the day of Pentecost. So how do Orthodox Christians look upon those outside the visible expression of the faith? Are all Christians united invisibly and mystically in heaven, thus making the question of church membership irrelevant and superfluous?

When You Fast (5-Pack)
Author: Bishop Kallistos Ware
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
What is the true nature of fasting? What is the proper balance between the outward aspects of fasting and its inner unseen purpose? What is the relationship between prayer, fasting, and almsgiving? An excellent treatment of a crucial area of spirituality. From the Lenten Triodion.

Which Came First: The Church or the New Testament (5-Pack)
Author: Fr. A. James Bernstein 
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Did the New Testament produce the Church, or was it a product of the Holy Spirit working through the Church? Who compiled the list of New Testament books now accepted by Christians? This booklet answers these and other questions, dispelling myriad modern myths.

Why We Worship on Sunday (5-Pack)
Author: Matthew Gallatin
Pack of 5 Staple-Bound Booklets (Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 inches)
Why do groups such as the Seventh Day Adventists worship on Saturday? Join popular author of Thirsting for God, Matthew Gallatin, on a journey through the New Testament and the Church Fathers and discover that Christians began worshiping on Sunday from the earliest days, to proclaim the Lord's Resurrection and the beginning of the new creation.

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