Strategic Plan
/ Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan of UOC of USA
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan
Стратегічний План
Стратегічний План

During the 21st Regular Sobor (Oct. 21, 2016) Strategic Plan was approved for the Church as a whole and for the parishes. Please share this plan with your parishioners and if you are able to help in any way do not hesitate to contact you priest or bishop and they will direct you to the right person or group. Each parish should have one person to be responsible for communication between Consistory, Strategic Plan committees and parish.

More information will be added here as we progress in time.

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By the grace of God, and under the inspired leadership of Metropolitan Antony and Bishop Daniel, Bill Marianes lead the national Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA through a comprehensive strategic planning process. It was presented at the SOBOR in South Bound Brook, New Jersey on October 21st.

The two part SOBOR presentation of this transformational Strategic Plan on October 21st  can be found here:

2016 SOBOR Strategic Planning Presentation Part-1 morning session

2016 SOBOR Strategic Planning Presentation Part-2 afternoon session

Strategic Plan

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